How to install Plesk Onyx on Windows Server 2016?

How to install Plesk Onyx on Windows Server 2016?

Plesk Onyx is a website management panel or website control panel, much like cPanel, DirectAdmin and other similar products.

The major difference from its counterparts is that Plesk is one of the few website management panels, which work with Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

This tutorial explains how to install Plesk on your Windows Server 2016. 


Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows OS
  • 2 GB of RAM or more
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 30 GB of disk space + free disk space for websites
    • Typical shared hosting (100-500 websites per server) Between 2 and 2.5 GB per website
    • Dedicated VPS hosting (1-10 websites per server) Between 4 and 12 GB per website


  1. Download Plesk
  2. Install Plesk
  3. Finalize Plesk installation


1.    Download Plesk

Open the official Plesk Onyx website and navigate to the download section for Windows.

NOTE: Do not forget to register a free account to receive the free trial license key.

2.    Install Plesk

The interactive web based installer will quickly guide you through the installation procedure.

As soon as the download finishes, run the Plesk installer. A Windows command prompt window and your web browser window will open.

Enter your Windows user password and click “Log In”. Then, click the “Install or Upgrade Product” link and continue with the interactive setup.

3.    Finalize Plesk installation

After the installation is completed, you can log into your Plesk panel by double clicking the Plesk icon on your Windows desktop. 


Alternatively, you can connect to your Plesk website management panel using your IP address or domain and the Plesk port in your web browser or locally.

Connect to Plesk using your IP or domain: https://<IP_address_or_domain>:8443

Connect to Plesk locally: https://localhost:8443

Add / remove or update Plesk components: http://localhost:8447



Plesk is a modern website management panel for Windows servers. The installation process takes a while to setup all of the required components.

However, the installation is very simple. If you have ever installed a piece of software on Windows, you will be able to install Plesk!


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